Apple innovating under the radar

At Apple's developers conference this week many of you would be forgiven for pointing out a lack of customer facing innovation aside from the user interface overhaul and the cylinder looking Mac Pro. Announcements such as the introduction of the iCloud keychain, iWork in the cloud, and even iTunes Radio have already been developed in a variety of formats. Financial institutions seem to agree with you, with $AAPL down 1%. Yet the reality is that not only does Apple innovate, it's still the king of innovation.

If we term innovation as the introduction of radical product and services then yes, Apple is not the force it was even 2-3 years ago. But innovation is more than that. It can be the development of a completely new experience, the development of unrivalled infrastructures, it can even be the result of user-led research and development. Millions tuning in to an online broadcast of a keynote, the beautiful re-imagining of iOS, the continued opening up of API's for the App Store that continues to harness developer talent. All linked to a unique business model and distinctive brand. Looking at it this way, name me a company that innovates better, name me a company that innovates more?